Earlier for an assignment, I had to critique the layout of a website of my choosing so I decided to kill two birds with one stone. By choosing the web page for, I was getting my assignment done, and also getting to say my piece about companies that co-opt the minimalist aesthetic (BUT DO IT POORLY) to sell products.  Anyway, take a look.

First, we address some problems.

hw1_web design critique-1


Then we address… some more problems!hw1_web design critique-2


And then I take it upon myself to offer up some humble suggestions and also a crude sketch in my favorite notebook. No, Glossier is not paying me for this incredibly kindergarten-esque drawing (I know, I’m shocked too).hw1_web design critique-3

What are your gripes with common commercial websites? I’m especially fascinated by Glossier’s whole Thing — selling this effortless, homey schtick to sell makeup of all things!

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